Learning and Teaching Staff

Questions about Who to contact Title

Educational leadership, enhancing your teaching, curriculum design and review, quality enhancement and assurance, awards and grants

Michele Scoufis

Assoc Dean, Director

Online UoS Evaluation reports, L&T projects, Knowing Your Students

Karen Ho

Executive Officer

eLearning at program and discipline level

Stephen King

eLearning Manager

eLearning, Blackboard, learning technologies, Mobile Learning

Sam Bizri or Wing Yiu

Educational Designers

Tutor Development Program (TDP)

Stephanie Wilson

Tutor Development Program Coordinator

Teaching Consultant, Individual co-ordinator support, Inspiring teaching

Helen Dalton

Teaching and Curriculum Support Consultant (Part time)

P&P, Conference, research paper, promotion workshop

Sharon Wallis

Research Assistant & Project Officer (Part time)

Teaching Matters, Teaching Awards, Dean's Citation, Communication

Susan Ellicott-Darke

Project Officer (Part time)

UoS Review

Vycke Wu

Project Officer (Part time)