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Frequently asked questions

What is the Master of Marketing?

If you're an experienced marketer wanting to pursue a career in marketing, the Master of Marketing is essential for you. Even if your aim is to specialize primarily in another area of business, the marketing knowledge you'll gain from this program will be invaluable. And if you have your sights set on senior management, a solid professional marketing background will provide the springboard you need.

The close involvement of top frontline marketing professionals in the development of this program makes it one of the most cutting-edge and industry-relevant marketing degrees in Australia, and one that is very attractive to major organizations looking to employ the business leaders of tomorrow.

Why study at the University of Sydney?

The University of Sydney Business School combines intellectual rigor with vibrant social and networking opportunities. It provides an environment that will feed your enthusiasm, inspire your imagination and spark your curiosity.

Our teaching staff are also researchers at the forefront of their field and business leaders at the leading edge of practice. So if you study with us, you'll learn from the people who set the agenda.

We are the only Australian business school to achieve membership to CEMS - the Global Alliance in Management Education in addition to international accreditation from AACSB and EQUIS.

How will my career opportunities improve with a Master of Marketing?

Organizations need leaders who understand the strategic marketing issues that directly affect company performance. The Master of Marketing program is designed to develop managers who will take a central role in helping to resolve the marketing issues that increasingly feature high on the corporate agenda. It produces graduates with the ability to tackle these critical business decisions head-on.

What are the fees?

The Master of Marketing program consists of 60 credit points (10 units of study). Please note that the University publishes fees for one year of academic study, which is 48 credit points or 2 semesters of four units each. Fee information is available in the Admission and Fees Section.

What is the duration of the degree?

The duration of the degree is 1-1.15 years of full time study or two years of part time study.

What is the degree structure?

The program comprises a total of 60 credit points, consisting of eight specifically designed units of study ( totaling 48 credit points) and a compulsory Marketing Consulting Project (12 credit points).

Can the degree be taken part time?

Yes. The Master of Marketing can be completed over two years of part-time study.

Alternatively, the Master of Marketing can be completed in one year of intensive full-time study, including the usual two semesters as well as a session each of summer and winter school.

Both options require evening lectures as well as some intensive study weekends.

How many units should I take per semester?

If you intend to complete the degree on a full time basis, it is recommended that you enroll in four units of study per semester. If you intend to complete the degree on a part time basis, it is recommended that you enroll in two units of study per semester.

Where can I view the timetable?

The current time table can be viewed on the Course Structure page.

What is the Marketing Consulting Project?

The Marketing Consulting Project gives students the opportunity to apply knowledge gained throughout the entire program. The project requires application of analytical tools and project management skills to a marketing issue within an organization. One-on-one supervisory sessions provide guidance on the project along with workshops introducing project management skills. Students will design their own project and conduct independent research in an organization that offers an interesting marketing issue.

Examples of topics include: product development and launch; developing a new marketing strategy; entering a new market segment; and implementing a new marketing initiative such as customer relationship management (CRM). The final project report will be presented to the client organization and the student's supervisor. Students can choose to either complete the Australian Marketing Consulting Project or the International Marketing Consulting Project.

The Australian Marketing Consulting Project spans over two semesters (summer and winter) concluding with a final presentation at the conclusion of the project.The International Marketing Consulting Project offers students the option of exploring a marketing issue in a specific international context. This unique opportunity allows students to gain hands on international work experience. Students opting to complete the International Business Consulting Program attend summer and winter school in order to prepare for their time overseas.

What if my undergraduate degree is not in a business related field?

The Master of Marketing program prides itself on the varied industries that it attracts students from. Previous formal education in a business related field is not required, however at least three years business experience is necessary to be accepted into the program. A complete list of prerequisites can be found in the Admission and Fees section.

What are the entry requirements?

To be eligible for admission to the Master of Marketing program, you will need:

  • A completed bachelor's degree, graduate diploma, graduate certificate or equivalent from a recognized tertiary institution, with a minimum average grade of credit (65%)
  • Minimum of three years of business experience.

For other ways to enter this program, visit the Pathways to the Master of Marketing page.

What else do I need to provide with my application?

You will also need to submit a statement of motivation with your application, and to attend a selection interview. This process helps us to ensure that the applicants we select are those who will most benefit from and contribute to this demanding program.

Will I be required to attend an interview?

If you meet the entry requirements you will be invited to attend an interview.

What if I reside outside the Sydney area?

If you reside outside the Sydney area your interview will be conducted by telephone.

What is the purpose of the interview?

The purpose of the interview is to assess your eligibility for admission to the program. The interview will consist of a small number of questions. The interview process helps us to ensure that the applicants we select are those who will most benefit from and contribute to this demanding program.

When will I find out the result of my application?

You will be advised of the result of your application, via email, within 5 working days after your interview.

How many intakes are there per year?

There are two intakes each year for the Master of Marketing; the first commencing in March and the second commencing in July of each year.

How do I apply?

Information on the how to apply is available in the Admission and Fees Section.