Zuraidah Sulaiman

PhD candidate

Zuraidah Sulaiman

Primary supervisor: Prof. Charles Areni
Co supervisor: Dr. Rohan Miller Secondary supervisor:

Thesis topic

Perceived Risk and the Influence of Complaint Channel Failures

Description of research

The exploratory study offers a new framework for examining consumers'  perceived risk. It suggests that the consumers'  perceived likelihood of unsuccessful complaints is a new type of shopping risk  or barrier to purchase, especially online.

Academic qualifications

MSc (Information Technology), Universiti Teknologi Mara (Malaysia)

Postgrad. Dip (Data Communications, Networks & Distributed Systems), University College London (United Kingdom)

Bachelor (Information Technology), Universiti Kebangsaan (Malaysia)


Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia Academic Training Scheme Scholarship (SLAB), 2008 - 2011


Zuraidah enjoyed a colourful 1.5-year stint in the industry, working  at Honda Malaysia before she decided to jump into the bandwagon of academia.  She began her career as an academic at the Universiti Teknologi Petronas  Malaysia (UTP), where she stayed for 5 years as a Computer Information Sciences  tutor/lecturer, and left in 2007. Following UTP, she now serves the Universiti  Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) as a Marketing lecturer while on study leave and  completing her PhD research in Sydney, Australia. Zuraidah is motivated to  pursuit a PhD as she believes the degree will add to her credibility as a  researcher in the field that she is interested in - consumer behaviour in  computer mediated communication. Zuraidah's research work combines the Internet  technology and consumer complaint behavior.


Conference papers

Sulaiman Z, Areni C and Miller R 2009 Flogging in Blogs: What Drives Customers to Vent Their Complaint Experiences Online?, Proceeedings  of the Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC) 2009, Melbourne, Australia, 30 November-2 December, 2009. ISBN: 1 86308 158 5

Baharun R, Abdul Hamid AB, Zaidin N, Shamsuddin AS, Md Salleh N, and Sulaiman Z 2009 'The Psychographic Segmentation of the Unit Trust Investors by Factor Analysis for Malaysia Financial Services', Proceedings of the Mediterranean Conference For Academic Disciplines, Gozo, Malta, 23-26 February, 2009.

Abdul Hamid AB, Sulaiman Z. Khalifah, Nik Abdul Rahman NM 2008 'The Implementation of E-Commerce Application in Bumiputera Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia', Proceedings of AIB South East Asia Regional  Conference, Renaissance KL Hotel, Hong Kong Institute of Business Sudies, Lingan University, 4-6 December, 2008.

Haron NS, Sulaiman Z, Hassan MH 2008 'Automated Network Inference Tool (ANFIT) - A Two Layered Approach for Network Troubleshooting', Proceedings of the 2008 IAENG (International Conference on Communication Systems and Applications), Hong Kong, 19-21 March 2008.

Book chapters

Sulaiman Z, Md Noor N, Singh N and Yong S 2007 'Evaluating the Effectiveness of Digital Storytelling with Panoramic Images to Facilitate Experience Sharing', in, J. Jacko (Ed.) Human-Computer Interaction, HCI Intelligent Multimodal Interaction Environments Lecturer Notes In Computer Science series, Springer-Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg, LNCS_4552, pp. 981-989. ISBN: 978-3-540-73108-5.

Research interests

  • Online Consumer Behaviour
  • Perceived Risk
  • Complaint Behaviour
  • Computer Mediated Communication

Teaching experience

  • Marketing Information Systems (Lecturer and Tutor)
  • Principles of Marketing (Lecturer and Tutor)
  • Computer Network Management and Security (Lecturer and Tutor)
  • Software Engineering (Tutor)
  • System Analysis and Design (Tutor)

Contact details