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Program & Thesis Requirements

Students are required to complete a series of courses focused on research methods training and thesis which represents an original scholarly contribution.

Format of the PhD Thesis

PhD students are also required to complete a thesis that describes a solo piece of original scholarship. The format of the thesis depends on the paradigms and methods adopted by the PhD candidate. However, the expectation would be that the length of a thesis would be at least 50,000 words in length, and would not typically exceed 100,000 words. In general, most theses in Marketing would be expected to conform to the following framework:

Chapter 1

Defining the research problem (i.e., rationale, significance, etc.)

Chapter 2

Literature Review (i.e., core disciplines, historical analysis of marketing literature, recent developments, etc.)

Chapter 3

Theory and Hypotheses: (i.e., theoretical framework, description of key variables and constructs, derivation of specific predictions, etc.)

Chapter 4

Method (i.e., research design, data collection procedures, description of the sample, measures of key variables, etc.)

Chapter 5

Results (i.e., key summary statistics, tests of specific hypotheses, ancillary findings, etc.)

Chapter 6

Discussion (i.e., implications with respect to theory, implications with respect to industry practice, unresolved issues, interesting but unexpected findings, etc.)

Chapter 7

Future Research Directions



Further information on the program requirements can be found on the Business School mandatory candidature requirements page.