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Sydney Marketing Society

The Sydney Marketing Society (SMS) is a vibrant, not for profit student society based at the University of Sydney with branches across several other universities (UTS, UNSW, MQ and UWS).

We seek to connect talented young marketers with leading employers in the marketing sector.

In 2013, our aims are threefold:

Sydney Marketing Society
  1. Provide students with more career opportunities

    Marketing is a broad field of study, but SMS seeks to cater to every student's area of interest - whether it is PR, advertising, branding, media relations, market research, digital media marketing or B2B. SMS provides students with internship opportunities and graduate jobs in every marketing domain tailored to their interests.

  2. Encourage networking with future employers

    Careers events such as seminars, workshops and conferences are provided throughout the year, helping students to establish valuable contacts within the marketing industry.

  3. Host fun events for meeting fellow minded students

    Social events such as free BBQs, trivia and cocktail nights allow students to meet and make friends with fellow marketers who might accompany them throughout their university and working life.

For more information about us and to become a member please visit the Sydney Marketing Society website.