Master of Management Ranked No. 1 in Australia

In today's competitive, global business environment, our Master of Management programs will dramatically increase your employment prospects.

We focus on solving real-world business problems across all specifically designed units of study. You will work directly with companies on current business projects in a highly interactive learning environment.

Master of Management

Ranked Number 1 in Australia* by the Economist and Financial Times, our pre-experience Master of Management shapes future leaders through disruptive ideas, international expertise and real-world experience.

Developed by the University of Sydney Business School with input from leading European business schools and renowned global corporations, our unique program delivers the fundamental qualities employers are seeking in the business leaders of tomorrow. You will develop the skills that businesses demand, regardless of your previous experience or undergraduate area of study.

Master of Management (CEMS)

The Master of Management (CEMS) has been specifically designed to make it possible for students to complete the prestigious CEMS Master’s in International Management program as part of their degree.

You will spend at least one semester at a top overseas university belonging to the CEMS network, where you will undertake business projects with leading international companies – an opportunity that will open doors for you internationally.

* The Economist 2017 inaugural Masters in Management rankings; Financial Times global Masters in Management rankings for the past five consecutive years – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

** The demographics represent 288 Master of Management students completing the program between 2010-2015. The employment data represents 231 (80%) of the 288 graduates (60% domestic and 40 international, most studying full-time) and was sourced from the Survey of Completing Students and LinkedIn (up to 3 years post-completion).