Master of Management and CEMS Club

Students enrolled in the Master of Management (CEMS) degree and CEMS students on exchange (from 28 partner universities around the world) are encouraged to join the CEMS Club Sydney.

The club aims to provide a formal forum where students can come together and build a community. The club also acts as a part of the international CEMS club network, liaising with other CEMS clubs and contributing to overall CEMS initiatives.

What we do for you

  • Connect you with other like-minded students
  • Arrange social and charitable events and activities
  • Enhance the connection between students, alumni and corporate partners
  • Build local and international networks across the program
  • Liaise with industry partners to provide networking opportunities for students

Mission Statement

The Master of Management and CEMS Club aims to enhance the career prospects of all members and support sustainable careers by developing lifelong global networks between current students, alumni and corporate partners. The CEMS Club Sydney aims to contribute to society by its involvement in humanitarian projects.

Upcoming Events

Visit the official CEMS Club Sydney page to view upcoming events.


The executive committee is currently comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Marketing Manager, and Events Managers. In addition, there is a representative from the Master of Management programme. These positions are handed over either annually or bi-annually and as the club continues to grow and improve, more positions will be created. Elections are generally held at the start of each semester.

Get involved

The club holds regular meetings throughout semester and all members are encouraged to actively contribute with ideas and initiatives. We give members a chance to have their say as well as participate in the organisation of events. As a member of the CEMS Club Sydney you will have the unique opportunity to experience the international atmosphere of our program with events and activities organised by YOUR club especially for YOU and YOUR class.