Master of Management


What is the Master of Management?

The Master of Management is a pre-experience degree that provides a link between your undergraduate degree and entry into a corporate career. The Master of Management program will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in management in your chosen field.

What is the duration of the degree?

The duration of the degree is approximately one calendar year (12 months) of full time study or approximately two and a half years part time study.

What is the degree structure?

The degree comprises 8 units of study plus a six week Business Project (2 units of study). For a full list of units of study please consult the Master of Management Units of Study section.

Can the degree be taken part time?

Yes. Many of the units are taught as a block module during weekends to allow students to complete the degree on a part time basis.

How many units should I take per semester?

If you intend to complete the degree on a full time basis, it is recommended that you enrol in four units of study per semester. If you intend to complete the degree on a part time basis, it is recommended that you enrol in two units of study per semester.

Where can I view the timetable?

The current time table can be viewed on the Course Structure section.

What is the Business project?

The Business Project is a chance for you to gain practical experience working on a real life business problem with one of our corporate partners.

What if my undergraduate degree is not in a business related field?

The purpose of the degree is to provide students from all academic specialisations the necessary tools to succeeded and excel in the corporate environment.

What are the entry requirements?

You must have completed or be in the final semester of a bachelor's degree from a recognised tertiary institution with a minimum credit (65%) average.

What if I haven't completed my bachelors' degree?

If you are in the final semester of your bachelor's degree you should apply. If your application is successful you will be issued an offer subject to completion of your degree.

What else do I need to provide with my application?

You need to provide a current CV (with a photo) and a statement of motivation. More information is available from the How to Apply section

Will I be required to attend an interview?

If you meet the entry requirements you will be sent an invitation via your nominated email address to attend an interview.

What if I reside outside the Sydney area?

Your interview will be conducted by telephone.

What is the purpose of the interview?

The purpose of the interview is to assess your eligibility for admission to the program. The interview will consist of a small number of questions and will include a short case study. You will be sent the case study, via email, 24 hours prior to your scheduled interview time. Interviews generally take about 20 minutes.

What are the fees?

Fees information is available on the Business School Postgraduate Fees page.

How do I apply?

Information is available on the How to Apply section.
You should click on 'Apply Now' located on the right side of the page (sidebar).