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Master of Marketing welcomes new students and their employers to a Business Briefing: The role of marketing during the Global Financial Crisis

28 Apr 2009

Students of the new Master of Marketing program, along with their employers, were recently involved in a Business Briefing with some of Sydney's top marketers as part of their introduction to the program.

Directors from Price Waterhouse Coopers and Talent Partners presented their thoughts on the importance of developing creative marketing solutions during the present global financial crisis. A key message was the importance of integrating marketing into all aspects of business strategy.

The 24 new participants of this innovative program had the opportunity to fire questions at the experts during an hour-long panel discussion. Their employers were invited to share in the debate as they play a key role in the learning experience of the students.

Director of the Master of Marketing Program, Dr Pennie Frow, said the night was a wonderful opportunity for students to hear the latest industry developments and interact with industry leaders and their own peers.

Master of Marketing Launch

Professor Donnel Briley , Faye Sopitpongstorn, Dr Pennie Frow

"We feel introducing masters students to industry professionals from day one gives them an immediate opportunity to stand out from the crowd," said Dr Frow. "The program is deliberately quite challenging, but we don't want students to feel that they are on their own. For this reason we have attempted to create a nurturing educational environment with lots of access to people that can offer practical help."

This support offered in this program is also evidenced in the mentoring scheme offered to all interested students.

Dr Frow said: "All Master of Marketing students have the opportunity to engage one-on-one with someone working in the industry throughout their studies and get on-going support.  We have matched each student with an industry expert who can act as a sounding board, especially on future career options. Many of our students are seeking to change direction in their careers and are using the Master of Marketing as a springboard to taking the next step towards a leadership position in marketing. The mentoring program is a great way for a student to gain first hand advice from an expert."