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Federal Budget 2010: Academics Available for Media Comment

11 May 2010

The Faculty of Economics and Business has a number of experts available this week to discuss various aspects of tomorrow's federal budget. The numbers listed below are the best way to contact these spokespeople on Tuesday 11, Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 May.


Dr Graham White - Senior Lecturer, Discipline of Economics
Dr White is an expert on macroeconomic policy, particularly deficits and government debt.
Contact: 02 9351 6611, 0403 718 463 or

Associate Professor Russell Ross, Associate Professor of Economics
Associate Professor Ross is well versed in labour economics, the economics of child care, the participation of married women in the workforce and the labour market status of disadvantaged groups.
Contact: 02 9351 6613 or

Health Policy

Professor Stephen Leeder - Director, Menzies Centre for Health Policy
The Menzies Centre aims to provide Australians with a better understanding of their health system and what it provides for them. Professor Leeder has commented extensively on the NHHRC's recommendations on health policy and the Federal government's proposed reforms.
Contact: 02 93515211, 0419 209569 or

Dr Lesley Russell - Menzies Foundation Fellow, Menzies Centre for Health Policy
Dr Russell has more than 20 years experience working in health policy in the government, private and not-for-profit sectors. She was a policy adviser to Julia Gillard in her role as Shadow Minister for Health, part of Simon Crean's policy unit during his time as Leader of the Federal Opposition and held policy roles in the US Congress.
Contact: 02 9036 7837, 0417 017427 or

Professor White is a long time advocate of increasing the role of nurses and midwives in primary health care initiatives. She is President of NSW Nurses and Midwives Board and Deputy Chair of the Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery.
Contact: 0418 229072 or

Mental Health

Professor Ian Hickie AM - Executive Director, Brain & Mind Research Institute
Professor Hickie is a vocal proponent of mental health care reform. He advocates community-based care for people with mental illness, which afflicts one in five Australians.
Contact: 02 9351 0810, 93510799, 0438 810231 or


Professor Mohamed Khadra - Professor of Surgery
Professor Khadra is an urologist and part of the e-health group at the university's Nepean Clinica School. Its work has included development of a virtual intensive care unit, allowing a specialist at Nepean to receive critical patient information from a remote hospital and advise and direct the patient's resuscitation from afar. He has said the NHHRC's eHealth will not provide "solutions which will bring about a paradigm shift in the way we practice medicine or solve any of the challenges of remote access or health outcomes."
Contact: 02 47342608, 0419 181923 or

Professor Jon Patrick - School of Information Technologies
Professor Patrick has a research interest in clinical information systems, Australian's particular eHealth requirements, and IT in emergency departments and intensive care units. He has said the government would be best placed to invest in clinical information system R&D, with home grown open source software providing the best solution.
Contact: 02 93513524, 02 96928248 (a/h) or

Paid Maternity Leave

Associate Professor Marian Baird, Professor of Work and Organisations
Associate Professor Baird is an expert in the implications of paid maternity leave and the larger issues surrounding women and work.
Contact: 02 9351 6439, 0438 167963 or

Workplace Relations

Dr John Buchanan, Deputy Director (Research), Workplace Research Centre
Dr Buchanan is an expert in workplace relations, working time and workforce development. He is also able to comment on the impact the budget may have on Australian workers.
Contact: 02 93515627, 0418 207945 or

Superannuation and Pensions

Dr Mike Rafferty, Senior Research Analyst, Workplace Research Centre
Dr Rafferty researches superannuation and pension issues.
Contact: 02 90369081, 0423 292006 or

Public Transport

Professor David Hensher, Director, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies
David's particular interests include transport economics, transport strategy, sustainable transport, productivity measurement, traveller behaviour analysis and institutional reform. He has advised numerous government and private sector organisations on transportation matters e.g. toll road projects, the North-West Rail project and the Liverpool-Parramatta Transitway.
Contact: 02 9351 0071 or

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