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Transport confidence survey highlights national concern

23 Mar 2010

Four out of five Australians think transport in their local area has not improved in the last year and they don't see the situation improving in the short-term, a new independent survey of transport opinions shows.

The University of Sydney's Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies today launched the ITLS-Interfleet Transport Opinion Survey (TOPS), a quarterly index gauging Australians' confidence in transport.

The inaugural survey of 1,000 adults across Australia showed only 19 per cent of Australians feel transport in their local area is better now than a year ago, says ITLS Director Professor David Hensher.

"And only 20 per cent think transport in their local area will improve in the next year," he says. "But the medium-term paints a rosier picture, with 46 per cent of Australians thinking transport in Australia will be better in five years.

"This sentiment suggests people feel State governments - who they believe are responsible for transport - aren't doing enough at the moment. But they expect transport problems will be addressed in the next few years.

"The survey clearly shows that people want to see public transport improvements - more than half of respondents say public transport is the highest priority issue for transport.

"Almost half felt there should be more private sector involvement in the provision of public transport, with NSW residents more positive than Victorians.

"It will be interesting to see how community views change as governments develop transport plans and deliver projects," Professor Hensher says. "At the moment, NSW residents are the least positive of all the states about transport. TOPS, the first survey to measure transport opinions on a regular basis, will be a reliable indicator of Australians' ongoing attitudes towards transport."

The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies in the Faculty of Economics and Business provides education and conducts research in transport, logistics and supply chain management. Interfleet Technology is one of the world's leading rail consultancy groups providing strategic, operational, management and technical services to the international rail industry.