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Transport studies agreement for Sydney (ITLS) and Abu Dhabi

23 Jun 2010

The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport responsibilities cover aviation, maritime, public transport, road safety and highways management. Abu Dhabi has ambitious long-term transport plans that aim to improve the lifestyle of their growing population and provide suitable infrastructure to strengthen their position as a regional hub for distribution of goods and services across the Persian Gulf. DoT is also keen to focus on transport options that explore alternative energy options and protect their natural assets.

In order to provide excellence in transport planning, DoT recognises that skill levels of their employees must be of the highest calibre. They have therefore developed a scholarship program targeting leading students from across the region and providing them with Bachelor and Masters training. The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies has been chosen for the high quality of its courses to provide the Masters level part of the program.

The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) is Australia's Key Centre of Excellence in Transport and Logistics Research and Education in the Faculty of Economics and Business. ITLS undertakes graduate teaching, management development programs, grant and contract research and development in the fields of transport and logistics studies. ITLS will celebrate its 20th year in 2011.

The Director of ITLS-Sydney is Professor David Hensher, FASSA, who is regarded as one of Australia's most eminent transport academics and someone in high demand as an adviser to industry and government.

The agreement is a significant opportunity for parties, contributing to knowledge and development in the transport domain in the fast growing region of the Persian Gulf and enriching the already diversified student base of ITLS.


L-R: Professor John Hearn, University of Sydney's Deputy Vice Chancellor (International), HE Mohamed Hareb Al Yousef, Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, and Professor David Hensher, Director, ITLS


L-R: Professor John Hearn, HE Mohamed Hareb Al Yousef, Professor David Hensher, and Mansoor Jaffar (Support Services Advisor, Abu Dhabi Department of Transport)


L-R: Associate Professor Stephen Greaves and Professor David Hensher on invited visit to Abu Dhabi in May 2010.