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Taking the lead

18 Jul 2011

Prof Marian BairdThe new Paid Parental Leave Scheme came into effect on 1 January this year, giving rise to much discussion expressing both support for the scheme and concerns about it. From the perspective of employers, should it be seen as a challenge or as an opportunity? Professor Marian Baird from the University of Sydney Business School shared her extensive expertise in the field and discussed what the scheme really means for employers as part of the University's popular Take The Lead seminar series for HR Professionals.

Professor Marian Baird, who is a researcher in the fields of women, work and family and industrial relations, with a particular focus on maternity and parental leave told the many attendees "The benefit of the government's Paid Parental Leave scheme is that it extends access to those least likely to ever having Paid Parental Leave via collective bargaining or company initiative. For those organisations  already providing  Paid Parental Leave, the scheme's introduction is an opportunity to rethink the benefits to employers: which include enhancing company profile, attracting and retaining skilled employees and improving morale and pride in the company."

Following a discussion, information was provided to those in attendance about the Graduate Options Expo on September 22, professional development and Masters Programs offered by the University of Sydney such as the Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.