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A Day of Degrees for aspiring business students

30 Sep 2011

As part of the University of Sydney's popular "Degree in a day" program, The Business School has hosted several groups of budding young business-oriented year 11 students this week in interactive group sessions to experience the nature of today's business world.

"Degree in a day" is a program run across the university which gives high school students a taste of university life.

Business Information Systems Senior Lecturer, Kai Riemer, hosted an engaging session where students were given the roles of factory, distributor, wholesaler or retailer to play an online supply chain game and explore the value of information in business.

"The Juice Game" simulated a vertically distributed supply chain and stirred avid competitiveness between the student teams as they fought to perfect the of balance supply and demand. The amused students joined forces with Student Ambassadors to discover the cyclical trends of business. They discovered momentary outbreaks of excitement as they predicted demand with precision and the lapses of frustration as total costs rose.

Student Ambassador William Ma said: "The simulation exercise was able to give the students a hands-on practical understanding of the dynamics of supply and demand."

Additionally, the Money Making Ideas session hosted by Matthew Keast from the Discipline of International Business, posed a challenging task to stretch the imagination of the students in the business domain. Given the limited resources of a piece of paper and a speaker, the students were challenged with the task of coming up with creative and viable entrepreneurial ideas. Matthew Keast spoke of the potential impact of dynamic business ideas, and the vital importance of knowing the market place and identifying the target market to ensure business success.

Some unique and extraordinary ideas were presented alongside some quite comical ones, including speaking poster advertisements, security floorboards to announce burglars and surround sound wallpaper. The range of ideas demonstrated the future students' entrepreneurial flair and gave the eager students a taste of the Business School education that is to come.

Kai Riemer

Kai Riemer addresses year 11 students on the dynamics of business


Students explore supply chain concepts at interactive session.