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Doing Business with the University of Bologna

21 Sep 2011

The relationship between the University of Sydney Business School and the University of Bologna will be further strengthened later this month when, Giuseppe Carabetta, from the Discipline of Business Law travels to Italy to work with students and academics from their Department of Business and Law.

Carabetta was invited by Professor Federica Farneti, from the University of Bologna, Department of Business and Law, to present a seminar, as the leading Australian scholar in the area of police employment law, on police collective bargaining law systems in Australia and internationally. This is in follow-up to Professor Farneti's visit to the Business School earlier this year.

Carabetta said: "Aside from the obvious history of the University - considered the first in the Western World - I think every academic who presents there is impressed with two things: What an inspiring place it is; and its openness to visitors and outside research. I'm especially lucky, because this is my second visit and I hope my visit continues to grow this important partnership."

Earlier this year the University of Sydney signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Bologna to further the relationship between the two universities. This agreement has had significant benefits for both institutions, including raising the university's profile internationally and providing opportunities for research staff and students. The Discipline of Accounting within the Business School has already hosted visits by academics from Bologna.

Carabetta first visited the University of Bologna in 2008 as part of a University International Programme Development Fund (IPDF) Grant. The intent of the IPDF grant is to be interdisciplinary, fostering potential collaborative research opportunities, drawing on the expertise of staff in both Faculties.

Chair of the Discipline of Business Law, Professor Andrew Terry has also been invited to the University of Bologna.  His colleague, Barbara Mescher, visited the University of Bologna in May, 2011 to present a seminar on corporate governance, the law and business ethics to academic staff and PhD students in the Department of Business and the Law.  Barbara teaches and researches in these areas and has international publications in business ethics journals.

Another important part of the relationship is the work being done by both institutions on an international and interdisciplinary Mobility Project. This project includes ICI Education in higher education and training between the EU and Australia; and Sustainable Management for Organisations, Business and Government.

The International Program Development Fund (IPDF) provides funding to University of Sydney academics to support initiatives in internationalisation. The aim is to foster international partnerships in research, teaching and learning, capacity building and other areas with high profile partners in priority areas.