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Future women business leaders graduate from Lucy Mentoring Program

19 Oct 2011

University of Sydney Business School students who participated in the 2011 Lucy Mentoring Program were officially congratulated at the completion of the program by their female business mentors and other industry leaders at a recent ceremony at the Sydney offices of Sparke Helmore Lawyers.

The Lucy Mentoring Program, coordinated by Sarah Fletcher and the team at The University of Sydney Business School Careers and Employer Relations Office (CEO), is now in its eighth year. It is an initiative that the Business School has been involved in since the very beginning. The program illustrates the enduring dedication of leading female business executives to open the door of their workplaces to young women with high aspirations in business and to impart to them knowledge, skills and life expertise.

With a total of 230 Lucy Mentoring graduates to date, the Business School remains strongly committed to supporting the Program and other developmental activities for the women who make up such an important part of the learning community.

Acting Dean of the Business School, Professor Tyrone Carlin said: "I congratulate the students on the conclusion of the program. The benefits to both the mentors and students are vast and I can't understate the importance and value of confidence building, network creation and facilitated confrontation with the domain of business enterprise that this program encourages.

"The Lucy Mentoring program is evidently a powerful and enriching experience for all involved. The tangible benefits and the overwhelming dedication of the mentors is extremely gratifying and essential to foster future leaders in business," he said.

Partner at Deloitte, Kamlee Coorey, spoke on behalf of the industry mentors in attendance with an air of profound pride at the remarkable progress students had made and the personal reward derived from involvement in the program. She expressed her hopes that students had attained a sense of determination to embrace leadership positions.

The students' heartfelt gratitude towards their mentors for their guidance was clearly obvious and emphasised the fact that the experience builds students confidence on both a professional and personal level.

University of Sydney Business School student, Sarah Yit, is currently in her second year of Bachelor of Commerce degree. She was mentored by Heidi Dunbar Jonson, Director at Deloitte.

"The experience gave me a sense of direction and confidence," said Sarah. "Shadowing and learning from Heidi exposed me to a wide range of unique experiences that I could not have found anywhere else," she said, "Heidi gave me truly invaluable advice to be true to myself and to find an organisation that will develop my potential."

Dimity Hodge, Head of Women in Leadership at The Westpac Group, praised the success of the program.

She said: "The Lucy Mentoring program is definitely an excellent way to help young women appreciate the opportunities available to them. I hope that they will seize the opportunity and use it to their best advantage."

Amber Mahoney, Evan Chan, Christina Choi

(Amber Mahoney, Evan Chan, Christina Choi)

Krystyna McDonald, Cynthia Payne, Huikun Liao

(Krystyna McDonald, Cynthia Payne, Huikun Liao)

Dimity Hodge, Tyrone Carlin, Susan Bennett, Sarah Fletcher

(Dimity Hodge, Tyrone Carlin, Susan Bennett, Sarah Fletcher)