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Japanese Business Leader presents opportunities for graduates in Asia

15 Mar 2011

Ms Shinohara is President of Temp Holdings Co. Ltd and is recognised throughout Asia as being a pioneer in the recruitment industry. She is best known for establishing one of Japan's first temporary worker employment agencies which grew into one of Asia's largest global recruitment agency & HR Services firms.

Prior to establishing the company, there was no culture for temporary workers in Japan and many of the challenges she encountered early in her career involved educating senior male managers about what office 'temps' were and how useful they could be to an organisation.

"I had spent some time working in Sydney for two years and was impressed by the professionalism and drive of the office temps that came into the pharmaceutical company I was working for," she said. "The idea of temporary workers was very foreign in Japan but when I returned home I decided if I worked very hard I could start a company in my home country that specialised in this area."

"There were lots of challenges starting a business like this but I just kept working at it. I remember going into offices in Tokyo and explaining to the male senior executives about the services my new company was offering. They didn't understand at all and thought I was offering them a geisha service!"

Ms Shinohara shared her stories about the current job market in Asia with a group of interested Business School students and gave them advice on managing a successful career entry into this dynamic region. She noted that there are many opportunities for Australian graduates to work in Asia and one of the large growth areas is tourism.

Ms Shinohara was visiting Australia as part of the 100 years of International Women's Day celebrations happening at various venues across Australia this week.