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Masterminding your Career

27 Jan 2011

The decision to undertake a postgraduate program is not one people take lightly and many considering further study have questions regarding the potential of career advancement, balancing work, study and family or what their return on investment will be.

With this in mind, the University of Sydney Business School will host a discussion panel at the Hilton Hotel on Monday 31 January to help prospective students traverse the possibilities of postgraduate study at and mastermind their own careers.

Media personality, Kellie Connolly, will lead this Information Session for prospective local postgraduate students who are considering enrolling in programs offered by The Business School in Semester 1, 2011.

Professor John Shields - Associate Dean (Postgraduate), University of Sydney Business School said a large part of choosing to embark on further study is understanding the enormous variety of choices available and making informed decisions.

"Postgraduate students are often bombarded with a lot of information about potential courses and have trouble wading through it all to determine the best path for them to achieve their goals," he said. "Our panellists will answer questions about how they made their choices and offer insights for others at similar stages in their careers."

The panel has been assembled in order to provide the audience with information about the opportunities available at The Business School and to showcase their personal experiences. Panellists including:

  • Mr David Robinson - University of Sydney Business School Alumnus, Director of Leighton's and Principal of Harvey's Chartered Accountants
  • Mr Andrew Knevitt - Master of Commerce student and Business Analyst at leading IT Services company, CSC Australia
  • Ms Sasha Bodero-Smith - University of Sydney Business School Alumna and Business Strategy Consultant

In addition to listening to the panel, guests at the information session will also be able to talk one-on-one with our leading academics about our postgraduate study options, network with others considering postgraduate study and gain advice on course content, admission, costs and scholarships.

Visit the Postgraduate Information Night page for more information or to register.