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Mid-year entry for a career head start

28 Jun 2011

While March is traditionally thought of as the start of the academic year, many people embarking on postgraduate study are finding starting a program in Semester 2 gives them a head start on their career.

With this in mind, The University of Sydney Business School has a range of mid-year postgraduate programs on offer and is still accepting applications for mid-year entry.

One of the significant areas of interest for people considering extending their tertiary education at the Business School are the Masters of Commerce and Masters of Management programs.

Associate Professor Nick Wailes observes that participants may be attracted to these programs in response to the changing world of business: "Like it or not, the world has changed. In fact, it's pretty hard to think of an industry that will be the same 10-years from now. For example, the difficulties currently being experienced by the retail sector probably represent the new normal and not just part of a cycle that's going to eventually deliver a return to the past. This means that organisations need to radically alter their approach if they hope to survive.

With this in mind, businesses need to innovate and come up with new ways of servicing customer needs. They need to develop sustainable business models that have lower costs and higher values. They need to take what they do now and adjust it to suit market circumstances. This will require managers who are able to identify new potential growth ideas and reward employees for breaking the constraints of previous business models. These managers can look to the University of Sydney Business School to provide them with the tools they need to understand these changes.

"The ability to attract and retain in-demand talent will also be vital as it's these people that will ultimately deliver business success," says Wailes. "Quality leadership will also be more critical than ever. Highly successful managers will be those who are able to inspire their people with a vision of the future while also imparting a strong sense of the values and ideals for which an organisation stands.

Applications for Mid-Year entry close on 30 June - except for the Master of Management which closes on Friday 29 July.

For information on the whole range of postgraduate coursework programs available visit the Postgraduate Coursework Studies page.