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Mobility grants for students to experience business in Brazil

13 May 2011

The University of Sydney Business School has secured Federal government support for 12 students to undertake a mind-changing educational experience in Brazil next year.

Partial funding for a group of Master of Management students has been secured as part of the Study Overseas Short-Term Mobility Program. In addition, a group of experienced marketers studying for the Master of Marketing will also participate in the Brazilian project, which provides an opportunity for applying knowledge gained during the program to the business environment in Brazil.

Brazil is considered one of the fastest-growing emerging economies and this international business project enables students to better understand the realities of doing business in a very different environment.

All the programs on offer at the University of Sydney Business School are designed to produce business graduates with global competencies. This project is a further opportunity to improve students' access to international experiences during their studies and aims to teach Australian and international students more about Brazil and encourage further international collaboration.

Postgraduate management and marketing students completing the compulsory business consulting component of their studies are eligible to participate in this initiative.

The project will see students work on action-based company projects in Sao Paulo conducted in collaboration with Business School partner, the Fundacao Getullio Vargas (FGV) School of Business Administration. As well as being in Brazil's business hub, Sao Paulo is also an important cultural centre and will allow students to develop relationships with their counterparts from Brazil.

Students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation of Brazilian culture and of its political, economic and social environment. The project also aims to improve students' knowledge of the competitive dynamics of the Brazilian marketplace and to develop strategic and operational thinking skills in a fast-changing and dynamic emerging market environment.

Importantly, the project gives students the opportunity to work and live independently in an international context reflecting recent research that students undertaking a short term educational programs experience increased diversity as part of a group and an increased willingness to engage in other institutional activities.

Master of Management Program Director Dr Nigel Finch said: "We're so thrilled to offer this opportunity to our students. It exemplifies completely what this program is all about - opening our students eyes to business practice across the globe and giving them the advantage in a competitive global workplace."

Master of Marketing Program Director, Dr Pennie Frow, agrees the program will be life-changing for many students. "A key aspect of the Master of Marketing, that sets it apart from other advanced marketing programs, is the highly experiential component - students can apply learning from the classroom into practical business contexts. The addition of the international project adds a whole new dimension to the experience we are offering our students."

Further information about the Master of Management and Master of Marketing programs.