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Nurturing new business talent

15 Aug 2011

University  of Sydney Business School student, Pratiwi Hartono, completed her Master of  Commerce and International Business degree in November 2010 and , following her  internship, worked for a further six months as an online media assistant with  the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) International and TAFE NSW  National Business Directorate.

Pratiwi  secured this attractive paid role following a successful internship she  undertook with DEC as part of her Export Management Studies unit organised by  the Careers and Employer Relations Office (CEO) at the University of Sydney  Business School with assistance from the Australian Institute of Export.

Australian organisations are very supportive of employing international  students who are studying at the University of Sydney - however, student visa  conditions restrict the number of hours they are allowed to work.  The  International Business Internship program, therefore, is a terrific opportunity  for students to obtain work experience that may otherwise not be available.

During the three months of  her internship at DEC, Pratiwi was involved with various tasks including  research to support the development of the social media strategy and  making  recommendations regarding the delivery and promotion of a  state-wide online student video competition.

Pratiwi said: "It was a very  interesting experience. I learnt to use my critical marketing skills and how to  provide constructive feedback.  I also learnt that maintaining  supplier/distributor relationships and giving your 110% best is always very  important. Through this internship I also learnt to become more self aware  about my capabilities and how to improve. I am very grateful that I have been  given an opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge during this program."

Careers Services Manager in  the CEO, Sarah Fletcher said: "These internships are also a really important  opportunity for students to refine their communication skills and use them in a  business environment rather than a conversational university setting. 

"We are incredibly grateful  to the organisations like DEC who are involved with this program and, from what  we?ve observed with cases like Pratiwi, they seem to get as much out of the  relationship as the students do."

"Our Directorate is a high-volume commercial unit competing in the  international and national education and training sectors. The team comprises  highly-skilled professionals who regard internship programs as mutually  beneficial and rewarding.  Pratiwi was our first Sydney University intern  and her high-level academic skills were applied to real projects to develop her  industry experience. She was such an asset we employed her for a further  six-months in a paid capacity  which, I?m sure,  will give her a competitive  edge for her career, " said Mark Howland, CEO, DEC International and TAFE NSW  National Business.

Pratiwi said: "I would  definitely recommend this internship program to any student. Although it is at  times challenging and requires excellent time management, it will absolutely  help you start your career."

Applications for the 2011  International Business programs are now being accepted and organisations  interested in participating in the program should contact Careers Services Manager in the CEO, Sarah Fletcher.