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Outstanding students enthusiastic for Washington Internship

09 Aug 2011

Many people dream of living and working in a country outside of Australia  sometime during their working life. It's an opportunity not all get to  experience, but a group of enthusiastic Business School students this week  learned how the dream can become a reality if they get selected to participate  in the Washington DC Internship Program.

The University of Sydney Business School and the United States Studies Centre  at the University of Sydney have again joined forces with the University of  California Washington Centre (UCDC) to offer business students the opportunity  to participate in a nine week internship program over the 2011/2012 summer  break. Combining theory with practical experience, twenty students will  complete a compulsory UCDC unit and an additional elective unit, all whilst  completing a professional placement within a top US institution. In addition,  students will receive 12 credit points from their overseas study towards their  degree at Sydney University.

Eager to hear about the exclusive and rewarding experience of studying and  working in Washington DC as part of their studies, more than 120 students  attended the information session and were asked, by  the Associate Dean  (Undergraduate), Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas, whether they had the  drive and determination to work towards achieving admission to this unique  program.

Associate Professor Seltsikas joined the Chief Executive of The United States Studies Centre, Professor Geoff Garrett, First Year Undergraduate Program Director Dr  Leanne Piggott and two students from the 2011cohort that travelled to  Washington DC on a panel of speakers at the information session. Students Mark  Khunnithi and Dominique Yong spoke of their experiences in the program,  emphasising the benefits of being immersed in a different culture and returning  with the ability to look at business through a global lens. They spoke of the  dynamic American college experience and the challenging but rewarding work.

Professor Geoffrey Garrett emphasised the international competitive edge the  program presents and  his insights into why this unique experience is  invaluable to business students and the opportunity for both financial need and  outstanding academic achievement scholarships. He highlighted the prestige of  the University of California Washington Centre and the global benefits attained  from working at the heart of the United States Congress.

Students were also informed about the generous scholarships available in  conjunction with this program. As was the case for last year's students, the  United States Studies Centre has established a number of scholarships to assist  students with costs of the program. In addition to this, scholarships have been  donated by The Turnbull Foundation, which was established by United States  Studies Centre Board Director and former Lord Mayor of Sydney, Lucy Turnbull  and her husband, Federal Member for Wentworth The Hon Malcolm Turnbull.

Visit the program web site for additional details.