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Business School supports launch of Innovative Parenting Book: Inspired Children

15 Nov 2011

When Associate Professor Rosina Mladenovic, an internationally recognised educator and researcher at the University of Sydney Business School, became a mother, she said: "I felt the enormous responsibility I had taken on in deciding to co-parent a child, and when I looked for help I found the parenting books were filled with differing opinions and conflicting advice on most topics." So, she turned to cutting-edge research to find out how to be a good parent.

Drawing on her many years of award-winning teaching experience and research into learning she has been able to develop practical and innovative approaches to parenting, which she describes in her new book Inspired children.

More than 150 guests, including a large contingent of face-painted children and a number of Business School staff, attended the launch of Inspired Children in the University's Fisher Library to hear from Rosina and some of the experts who featured in the book.

Rosina said she'd invited some world leaders in the areas of genetics, neuroscience, personal development and psychology to write for the book about the latest research on child development from preconception right through to teen years, and share how they have used the findings to support their own child's development.

Rosina said: "Parenting is never far from public scrutiny with the majority having a strong opinion based on their own experience of being parented or being a parent. While it is natural for parents to love, care for and want the best for their children, parenting is challenging and requires more than just love and following one's instinct.

"The increasing demands of modern living, the growing number of children in crisis, coupled with the trend towards smaller family units - separate from the wisdom that used to be passed down by extended family members and communities, means that today's parents need more support than ever. That was the primary motivation behind my book."

Inspired children turns the science of child development into the art of parenting. With lots of practical insights and heart-warming personal stories, the book is easy to read and is a valuable resource for parents, early childhood educators, teachers, child psychologists, carers, grandparents, and anyone who works with children.