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Summit to Accelerate Gender Equality

05 Sep 2011

Assistant-Secretary-General of UN Women Lakshmi Puri from India will lead a powerhouse of industry and academic leaders at a Summit being held at the University of Sydney today, Monday 5 September, on the critical issue of Accelerating Gender Equality.

The Summit aims to engage the corporate sector, the government and civil society in discussion and debate about achieving gender equality and the importance of UN Women. UN Women is a global champion for women and girls established to accelerate progress on meeting their rights.

The University of Sydney Business School is a proud sponsor of the Accelerating Gender Equality Summit which is being held on the first day of the global National Committees Meeting. The summit will include representatives from over eighteen countries as well as representatives from UN Women Headquarters and Regional Offices.

Joining Lakshmi Puri as speakers of the event are: Elizabeth Broderick Sex Discrimination Commissioner; Julia Newton-Howes Executive Director, CARE Australia; Jo Crawford Research and Policy Advisor, IWDA and Professor Marian Baird, The University of Sydney Business School.

Among the key issues they'll discuss at the Summit are equity issues in South East Asia and the importance of engaging local women in development projects to build stronger communities.

Executive Director, UN Women, Julie McKay said: "Today we are joined not only by our colleagues from UN Women, but also by representatives from UN Women National Committees from around the world. These women work tirelessly to promote the aims and objectives of UN Women in their countries and when we are all in a room together there is a powerful feeling that real change in the area of gender equality can be made."

UN Women Australia is committed to supporting UN Women through advocacy, public education and fundraising.