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Our Univative Business School students win inaugural prize

05 Aug 2011


While most students were hibernating over the winter break recovering from exams, two teams of talented students from the University of Sydney Business School were preparing the winning business plans for a new competition.

The Univative challenge is an exciting new inter-university business consulting competition which provides students with an opportunity to face real-world business problems, and allows them to demonstrate their skills and apply them in a real-world setting.

The Business School teams lead by Sarah Nguyen and Sumana Sukumar competed against teams from Macquarie University on real business problems that were supplied by an impressive list of industry sponsors. The University of Sydney teams were selected to "consult" to marketing research company, Nielsen and Kids Money - an initiative to teach children how to manage money through products like the Money Box and various printed publications.

After an initial brief from their host organisation the teams were required to develop solutions to complex real life business problems in less than a month. The teams took on the challenging projects and began prolonged research into understanding the business and their competitors and developed new ideas and useful recommendations.

At the end of the project, the students were required to present their proposals to a panel of executives. Proposals were judged based on innovative thinking and best business acumen.

Greg Smith, CEO of Kid's Money, was blown away by the University of Sydney Team's innovative ideas, the calibre of their research and their "slick" presentation skills.

Lucy Crossley Meates, Careers Services Manager in the University of Sydney Business School Careers and Employer Relations Office, said: "After seeing our talent, Greg is now very keen to find more opportunities for our students to work as interns with his company.

The students gained invaluable consulting experience during the competition. It was an extremely rewarding experience, which has no doubt improved their professional skills and helped them to successfully overcome their own weaknesses.

Even though it is a lot of hard work at a time you wish you were resting, I encourage all students to get involved with competitions where they can because all these things really help with their career prospects down the track."

Kid's Money Team The Nielsen Company Team

Sarah Nguyen (Team Leader)

Sumana Sukumar (Team Leader)

Kit Siu Lui

Nonie Batra

David Monti

Tomy Halim

Jaysha Mooneesamy

Daniel Ye Zhen Jiang

Naomi Pan

Sumita Theagesan

Titus Yuen

Lei Caron Zhong