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Urban Transport: A little less conversation, a little more action

04 May 2011

For the recently elected NSW government, urban transport remains a priority challenge. Internationally renowned urban transport expert, Professor David Hensher from the Institute of Transport and Logistics (ITLS) at the University of Sydney Business School, will suggest a more encompassing way forward for Sydney's public transport crisis at a research forum tomorrow.

Professor Hensher is a key player in promoting reforms in road pricing and recognises the role roads can play in supporting public transport.

Professor Hensher's research investigates whether an increase in funding for public transport is the best way to see a significant improvement  made to traffic congestion. He says that over 80% of trips in Sydney currently made are in motor vehicles and questions whether changes will be made unless the Government addresses pricing the use of cars to reflect the cost they're imposing through congestion.

Key transport issues will be highlighted in Professor Hensher's presentation including: the need for a commitment to networks and systems, the state of public transport, funding sources, special funding instruments and the User Pays system.

Helen Dalley who is best known as the presenter of Sunday, the Today Show and A Current Affair on the Nine network, and now works for Sky News Australia will facilitate a panel following the presentation. Joining Professor Hensher on the panel will be:

  • Paul Forward - Principal of Evans & Peck
  • Andrew West - Senior Journalist at Sydney Morning Herald

For more information, see the University of Sydney Business School's Powered By Research Breakfast series.