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Business School academic secures film distribution in Botswana

20 Mar 2012

Miss Stigma Free Competition An award-winning film produced by a University of Sydney Business School academic has been given a much-needed boost by the government of Botswana.

Associate Professor Marylouise Caldwell and her Norwegian colleague Associate Professor Ingeborg Kleppe have secured an agreement from the Botswana Education Department to distribute their documentary film Walk the Talk throughout its schools.

The film tracks the progress of several HIV/AIDS activists who participated in The Miss Stigma Free and Mr Positive Living Contests in Botswana, and follows their ongoing work in promoting HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs in the southern African nation.

"I am delighted that our film will finally be seen by the kind of local Batswana audience it deserves," Marylouise Caldwell said. "It has taken two years of work to arrange distribution in Botswana, and it was finally achieved with the assistance of Australian Leadership Awards Fellow Tshidi Botshelo, who works at the Ministry of Education and Shailendra Sawleshwarkar from The Medical School."

"The producers heartily thank the University of Sydney Business School and the Norwegian Research Council for not only funding this project, but having the wisdom, vision and generosity to do so," Marylouise said.

The film was produced by Caldwell and Ingeborg, and made with the assistance of Stephen Watson from Thinkbox. It won both the Juror's Award and the People's Choice Award at the 2010 Association for Consumer Research film festival, Jacksonville, Florida.