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Business School appoints new CEMS Program Director

25 Oct 2012

Work and Organisational Studies Senior Lecturer Kristine Dery has been appointed Program Director of the pre-experience Master of Management and Master of Management (CEMS) degree programs at the University of Sydney Business School.

"I am delighted that Kristine has accepted my invitation to take up this pivotal leadership role," said Professor Geoffrey Garrett, Dean of the Business School. "She will work closely with Associate Dean John Shields to consolidate and extend our engagement with CEMS."

Founded in 1988, the Community of European Management Schools (CEMS) is a global alliance of 27 academic institutions offering an exclusive pre-experience Master's in Management (MIM) degree program to select students.

Earlier this year, the CEMS MIM was ranked third in the prestigious Financial Times ranking for MIM programs in 2012, consistently maintaining a top-three position in the rankings since they were set up in 2005.

"It's a very exciting opportunity," Dery said. "The pre-experience masters' programs are a huge growth area, with a large number of undergraduate students who want to cap their first degrees with a Master of Management."

The University of Sydney Business School is the only Australian institution accredited to provide the CEMS MIM degree. Each year only 25 students are accepted into the Master of Management (CEMS) program. Students spend at least one semester of their degree abroad at another CEMS-accredited institution.

"The Business School's engagement with the CEMS alliance is significant because it puts us in the global perspective, giving us a powerful and unique opportunity being the only Australian university delivering the top-ranked CEMS degree program," said Dr Dery. "As we increasingly become more global in the way businesses and corporations are structured, the internationally-recognised degree gives students an invaluable postgraduate qualification, also providing them with the experience of studying at top universities abroad."

"Our aim is to provide the world's top pre-experience master's program in management," concluded Professor Garrett, "Kristine will review our Master of Management with a view to achieving international recognition and ranking, and develop combined degree programs with other faculties in the University."