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Business School hosts Changing Media Marketplace event

14 Aug 2012

More than 70 people attended the latest Masters of Marketing event, "The Changing Media Marketplace", at PwC on 6 August. Guests included industry representatives, senior faculty members from the Business School, the Master of Marketing teaching team and current students.

The panelists on the night included Megan Brownlow (Editor, Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook at PwC), Phil Duffield (Managing Director of APAC), and Darren Woolley (Founder and CEO of Trinity P3) who all contributed their considerable knowledge and expertise to their topics, which was followed by an open discussion, facilitated by Mark Veyret, Global Business Leader at PwC.

The topics covered ranged from the growth of internet advertising to the cultural shift in media consumption by the under-25 age group, before Darren Woolley discussed the complexities of decision paralysis, and the inherent need for human beings to operate in simple, uncomplicated spaces.

"Events like tonight's serve to highlight the importance of maintaining strong and open links to business," said event organiser Associate Professor Terry Beed. "It is vital, not just for students, but also for the teaching teams to keep abreast of the latest thoughts and opinions from our industry, and I would like to thank our panelists once again for their time."