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Business School open to China's best and brightest

16 Jun 2012

The University of Sydney offers top Chinese students the "very best learning experience available", according to the Business School Deputy Dean, Professor Tyrone Carlin.

Professor Carlin made the comment during an interview with China Central Television (CCTV) which focused on the University's decision to admit students who achieve a top tier result in China's national university entrance exam know as the Gaokao.

"Whether it is the investment in the staff; whether it is the investment in the physical infrastructure or whether it is the investment in the technological infrastructure, all of that it there to ensure that the students get the best possible learning experience," he said.

Under the new admissions policy, the University of Sydney, will accept students who have attained the same results in the Gaokao as the ATAR level required of Australian students.

"For example, the Business School takes students who are in the top five percent of school leavers each year and we will be looking to draw Chinese students from the top five percent of those who sit the Gaokao exams," said Professor Carlin, who is also Pro Vice Chancellor in the Education Portfolio.

Responding to questions on the thinking behind the new policy, Professor Carlin said the University wanted to offer the "remarkably clever young people" produced by China's secondary education system an opportunity to study at what he described as a leading global institution.

"The question was, would those young clever people value the opportunity to apply to a leading global institution like the University of Sydney and we believed they would," he said. "The diversity of academic opportunity; the diversity and breadth of campus life; the cosmopolitan nature of the city of Sydney and the fact that the University of Sydney is an institution of global repute added up to a compelling proposition for someone who is sufficiently adventurous to want to leave their home town."

"This policy is about quality," Professor Carlin concluded. "This is about getting the best and the brightest of the nine million student who annually take the two day Gaokao examination; that's what we want at this university."