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Dean assesses the global implications of US and Chinese politics

05 Nov 2012

"For domestic political consumption the US and China will continue to puff out and beat their chests over their different world views," wrote Professor Geoffrey Garrett, Dean of the University of Sydney Business School earlier this year. "But they really want to make money not war, and they know this means living with their differences not inflaming them."

As Dean of the University of Sydney Business School and a Director of the United States Studies Centre, Professor Garrett's views on China, the United States and their interdependent relationship are well informed and highly respected globally.

The first two weeks of November will see events that are certain the change the world. The United States will elect a president and China will transition to a new generation of leaders. On Monday 12th November Professor Garrett will join a panel of distinguished thought leaders who will explore the implications of these momentous events.

Also taking part in the Sydney Morning Herald sponsored forum will be former Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd; the Shadow Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull and the Sydney Morning Herald's International and Political Editor, Peter Hartcher.

The panelists will look at China's rise as a superpower and the impact of the US election result on international relations. The forum is part of an attempt by the SMH to set these historic two weeks in context via informed commentary and analysis.

Sydney Ideas - Two Weeks that Change the World: America and China in Transition, will be held at 6.00 PM on Monday, 12 November at the University of Sydney's Seymour Centre. Please note that this event has now reached capacity. The forum will be webcast live via the Sydney Morning Herald website, and available for viewing online after the event.