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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

17 Sep 2012

The University of Sydney Business School Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Group (IERG), in partnership with the Graduate School of Government, recently hosted an AusAID-funded workshop entitled Building Capacity - University Entrepreneurship Education for Small to Medium Enterprises.

The goal of the workshop was to train 25 academic staff from the State Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN - Sunan Ampel), an Indonesian University, in entrepreneurship, business ecosystems, leadership and political skills, business start-ups, challenges faced and managing growth.

The event provided the opportunity to prepare and plan a Fellowship program, aimed at addressing the needs of IAIN, and its concerns for local community members. IAIN Sunan Ampel academics expressed concern about the rate of academic unemployment among graduates, the requirement for the university to be more entrepreneurial and the unemployment and underemployment of the surrounding community, particularly among women.

"This event was a milestone in the progress of an ongoing collaboration with IAIN Sunan Ampel," said Senior Lecturer Richard Seymour, Innovation and Enterprise Program Director, and Co-Director of IERG. "There is a specific need for business education in Indonesia to look beyond the study of big business. More than 90 percent of the population of Indonesia is employed by businesses with less than 20 employees."

"Our goal is to help provide ongoing support through education," Richard continued, "and allow for an expansion in subject areas to include study options for small to medium business, reflective of the industry landscape in Indonesia. These initiatives help to grow our engagement in the region, sitting under the umbrella of our EDNA group (Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia)."