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Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies to link with China

17 Apr 2012

David HensherThe Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) will take the first steps towards establishing ties with one of China's leading universities when it delivers two specialist logistics courses later this year.

As part of the Modern Logistics and Supply Chain Management EMBA Study Course, the Institute will export its retail and reverse logistics expertise to Shanghai's Jiao Tong University during May and August.

ITLS Founder and Director, Professor David Hensher is hopeful the initiative will herald the start of a strong and evolving partnership.

"The Business School at the University of Sydney is committed to establishing quality partnerships with universities in China and sharing our business expertise," he says. "This also gives us a way of networking into the broader market of business activity in China, and I'm confident of a great outcome."

Professor Hensher says the material conveyed in the courses (to be delivered by ITLS' lecturers Alan Win and Gareth Jude) will offer many tangible benefits.

"Both courses will enable a greater appreciation of what the global market is doing in terms of reverse logistics and retail," he explains. "These are things the Chinese are very much interested in and they definitely need a lot of help. Both of these areas are involved with the efficient manufacture and distribution of products, as well as the disposal of products at the end of their life. The Chinese are very big on manufacturing but their distribution networks are not as efficient as they could be. That's where we come in, as our programs are very strong on international product and service distribution."

The courses, Reverse Logistics and Retail Logistics, will run from May 25-27 and August 24-26 respectively.