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International Business Matters

16 Jan 2012

An expert panel of industry representatives have discussed the emerging risks associated with growth in social media at the inaugural International Business Matters forum at the University of Sydney Business School.

In a time of remarkable growth in social media fuelled by rapid advancements in information and communications technology, the discourse between university and industry considered an issue that is becoming increasingly relevant to core operations of business. Discussing the emerging trends stemming from social media and the change in the socio-economic profile of markets worldwide, the panel reflected on the powerful implications that social media has on international business.

Attended by over 100 students and academics from the University of Sydney Business School and hosted by the Discipline of International Business, the event provided an avenue for students to actively interact with industry. Following short presentations by the panel members, the enthusiastic students asked questions, with the industry representatives and academics contributing to vigorous discussion on the role of social media and its inherent threats and opportunities in the global business domain. Both the audience and panel members found the engaging discussion rewarding, with students and panellists in agreement that the experience was an innovative way for industry to engage with the university.

The panel comprised Kerry McGoldrick, Enterprise Risk Manager at Woolworths Limited; Nada Siratkov, General Manager of Marketing at leading reinsurance broking and risk management consultancy Aon Australia; and Peter Fraser, Partner at prominent social media intelligence and advisory firm, SR7.

In 2012 the Discipline of International Business will be hosting a complete International Business Matters series featuring dialogue with industry on a broad range of International Business-related issues.

Master of International Business program

The University of Sydney Business School offers a specialised Master of International Business degree which focuses on effective and sustainable business growth on an international scale within multicultural environments. One of the key aspects of the program is access to industry experts from the international business arena, such as the Business Matters Series mentioned above. The program also allows participants the opportunity to work on real life consulting projects.

Previous graduates of the program have taken up roles with management consulting firms such as Boston Consulting Group, PwC while others have chosen roles with multinational companies as export and import or international strategy managers and with agencies such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the United Nations.

For more information, please visit Master of International Business.