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ITLS Professor wins ARC LIEF grant

15 Nov 2012

Professor Michiel Bliemer, Chair in Transport and Logistics Network Modelling at the University of Sydney Business School Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), has won, with colleagues from UNSW, a prestigious $390,000 ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant to build a Travel Choice Simulation Laboratory (TRACSLab), a visualisation laboratory to study travel behaviour and drivers' interactions.

LIEF grants are highly competitive, with only 42 percent of applicants awarded funding in this round. The Travel Choice Simulation Laboratory (TRACSLab) is a world-first facility to observe collective travel choice in a realistic lab environment. It is unique due to the focus on travel choices instead of pure driving behaviour, in a networked environment in which drivers can interact with each other.

"I am thrilled at the prospect of building the TRACSLab, with the generous support of the ARC" Professor Bliemer said. "The findings of the lab will support a new generation of transport analysis techniques to investigate travel choices for emerging issues such as sustainable and  reliable transport, and intelligent transport systems (ITS)."

The driving simulators that will be procured will be networked between the University of Sydney and UNSW, and will provide a unique opportunity to run simultaneous experiments and study group interactions.

In addition, there are several other simulators with similar architecture in China and USA. This will provide a unique opportunity to have drivers across countries interacting and driving in similar scenarios, and observe emergent behaviour.

The collaboration also involves iCinema at UNSW, which has capability to conduct 3D virtual experiments. Dedicated traffic simulation software will run to simulate traffic conditions and interactions of users.

Professor Bliemer's partners at UNSW are Professor Travis Waller, Dr Vinayak Dixit and Professor Dennis Del Favero.

To learn more about the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, please visit the ITLS website.