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Leveraging India: experts and practitioners to debate strategies for global competitiveness

05 Apr 2012

World MapKey international scholars and industry practitioners will meet in Sydney next week to address innovation, internationalization and entrepreneurship in one of the world's largest and most influential emerging economies, India.

The conference is the product of a unique collaboration between the University of Sydney Business School Emerging Market Internationalization Research Group (EMIRG), the Discipline of International Business and the Institute of Global Management Studies (IGMS) at the Fox School of Business, Temple University in the United States. Over April 11-12, participants from the United Kingdom, United States, India, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia will hear cutting-edge academic contributions from the National University of Singapore, Temple University, Rutgers University and Northeastern University in addition to 16 research presentations and two industry panels comprised of chief executives.

India's unprecedented economic expansion and revolutionizing business management practices have circulated tremendous interest in the nation, as Western firms question how best to leverage India's potential to improve their own global competitiveness. By discussing the phenomena ensuing India's accelerated growth, the conference will strive to understand the intricacies and complexities of Indian businesses, including innovation potential, the internationalisation of Indian firms and the learning and leveraging of entrepreneurship in India.

Vikas Kumar, Associate Professor at the University of Sydney Business School and Director of EMIRG, highlighted that many companies in the United States and India have increased competitiveness, production capacity and market share as a result of leveraging opportunities in India, emphasising the need for Australia to follow suit.

"Australia's substantial reliance and dependence on China can be criticised as undervaluing balanced engagement. The aim of the conference is to catalyse quality research amongst the academic community, ultimately enhancing industry recognition of the profound benefits for Australian businesses engaging with Indian enterprises."

He said: "The EMIRG can also announce that the research generated by the conference will be published in a leading international business journal, in an issue which will be devoted to the theme of the conference. I am confident that the conference will further the strong international networks of our research centre and advance our understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by India, a vital step towards Australian businesses truly embracing India."

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