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Business School input boosts Medical School marketing

12 Jul 2012

Marketing of a wide range of postgraduate courses offered by the Sydney Medical School has been boosted by plans developed by Master of Management students.

The plans were prepared by the Business School students as part of their "Marketing Management in the Global Environment" unit and involved extensive market research and analysis of competing medical courses in Australia and abroad.

"The marketing students interviewed their Medical School counterparts to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of each program from a graduate's point of view," said Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Dr Ranjit Voola. "They also evaluated the content of comparable, competing courses nationally and internationally."

"The students explored new overseas as well as national marketing opportunities and looked at how the Sydney Medical School Programs could be packaged and provided in ways which increased enrolments," Dr Voola said

The Medical School's Emeritus Professor Kerry Goulston and Emeritus Professor Kim Oates provided the students with expert guidance.

"This cooperative venture gave students a unique insight into marketing in the context of education and medicine," said Professor Goulston.

The Medical School praised the Business School students for their collaborative approach, efficiency and good negotiating skills. "We were also very impressed by the maturity, enthusiasm and quality of the students who worked on the project," concluded Professor Oates. "This must reflect well on the Business School."

The Business School project specifically focused on Masters of Medicine Programs in STD/HIV, Sleep Medicine, International Public Health Policy and Health Policy as well as Ophthalmology Masters Programs in Refractive Surgery, Ophthalmic Science and International Ophthalmology.