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Leadership Skills Key to Business Success - Dean

10 May 2012

Elene worked in human resources in Spain; Henry runs a small business in Sydney and Suchi last studied in New Delhi. Three people from very different backgrounds united in their desire to undertake postgraduate studies and to do so at the University of Sydney Business School because of its "outstanding reputation".

Elene, Henry and Suchi were amongst more than a hundred prospective students drawn on Wednesday evening to the School's Postgraduate Information Session at The Establishment Hotel in the heart of Sydney's CBD.

"We are now holding these sessions on a bi-annual basis as part of a strategy aimed at increasing domestic postgraduate enrolments," said Professor John Shields, who is the Business School's Associate Dean (Postgraduate Coursework). "This was a public event for local post graduate students considering enrolling in programs offered in semester two this year."

Beyond the insights offered by the School's most senior academic staff, prospective students were given a glimpse into the world of banking and finance at the highest level during a conversation between the Dean of the School, Professor Geoffrey Garrett, and the CEO and Chief Country Officer of Citi Australia, Stephen Roberts.

Mr Roberts, who was working in New York 2008, talked openly about life at the epicentre of the Global Financial Crisis. "Scary" was the way that he described the events that shook the banking and financial world four years ago and continue to be felt today.

Both he and Professor Garrett agreed that while technical skills are important to a career in banking and finance, an ability to lead is "essential".

In a lighter moment, Mr Roberts said that successful bankers also needed to be ambitious, competitive and a little greedy while also being humble, nice and having empathy for their fellow workers and their customers.

Internships, he said, provided an excellent opportunity to assess the personal as well as technical skills of a prospective recruit.

Professor Garrett said that the task of the Business School was not only to provide students with technical ability but to also develop their leadership skills.

In response to a question, both men agreed that Australia's future prosperity was largely dependent on its integration with the Asia Pacific region. "The presence of Asian students on the Business School campus is an educational imperative," Professor Garrett concluded.

Another information session targeting those considering postgraduate studies in 2013 will be held towards the end of the year.

For further information or to register your interest in attending an upcoming information session, visit the Postgraduate Information Session page.