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Professor Stanley to help shape Melbourne's future

16 May 2012

Professor John Stanley of the Business School's Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), is to help reshape Melbourne as a member of the Victorian Government's Ministerial Advisory Council which is to prepare a Metropolitan Planning Strategy for the city.

In announcing the establishment of the committee, the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, said it would work with local councils, industry and peak bodies to prepare a long term strategy to protect valued aspects of Melbourne while allowing for future needs.

The committee will consider housing choice, transport accessibility, economic growth, environmental protection, infrastructure, community facilities and services.
"Projected population growth and trends in housing, demographic and economic change will be considered," Mr Guy said. "The strategy will take a long term view of growth and change across Melbourne and its influence on and relationship with regional Victoria, other Australian capital cities and internationally."

Professor Stanley is Adjunct Professor and Bus Industry Confederation Senior Research Fellow in Sustainable Land Transport at ITLS. Prior to taking on this role, he served as Executive Director of Bus Association Victoria, and as Deputy Chairman of the National Road Transport Commission.

He has been a member of the Committee for Melbourne's Transport and Climate Change Task Forces, the Vicurban Board, the Alpine Resorts Coordinating Council Board and is now a board member of Victoria's new Urban Renewal Authority. Professor Stanley is also Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Monash University Institute of Transport Studies.

Professor Stanley was awarded a Centenary Medal in 2001 for services to public transport and conservation.