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Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE) Annual Gathering

14 Nov 2012

The Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE) Program held its inaugural Annual Gathering on Thursday 8 November 2012. The RARE Annual Gathering provided an opportunity for RARE students, enterprises, funders, and other supporting partners including industry representatives, and local not-for-profits to share experiences, and insights from the RARE projects.

"RARE is as much the name of our program as our community," said Innovation and Enterprise Program Director, Richard Seymour. "It is our RARE community that challenges and supports our students and remote entrepreneurs to grow and learn, and to share those developments and understandings."

Attendees at the event included representatives from NSW ALC, the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, George Reid from the Thyne Reid Foundation, the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Mal McCallum CEO of the Batemans Bay Local Aboriginal Land Council, the Managing Director of Social Enterprise Financial Australia, David Rickards, and Joe Seisdedos from WRAYS law firm.

RARE is a community-engaged learning program within the Innovation and Enterprise Program at the University of Sydney Business School. The Program aims to raise the impact of entrepreneurial teaching on students in a way that benefits remote and rural enterprises and their communities. It is a two-way learning exchange, whereby graduate students apply their expertise and skills to support the community/entrepreneur in developing their enterprise, while gaining valuable hands on experience and exposure to the challenges of doing business in remote Australia.

The two-way learning model that underpins RARE is a valuable point of difference for the University of Sydney Business School, responding to the shift in the higher education sector to a more demand-driven model. Established in 2011 and learning from from five years' experience, RARE provides the structure and resources required to support quality problem-based learning, and engaged practice with communities, benefiting students, rural and remote enterprises and the Business School.

For more information on the Remote and Rural Enterprise program, please visit the RARE website.