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Students in Free Enterprise Project Pitch Forum

12 Jun 2012

Six groups of elite business-minded and socially conscious students pitched their innovative business proposals to a panel of ten distinguished guests last week at an event hosted by Students in Free Enterprise, a Business School society.

Ahead of the national competition in Melbourne this July, the evening represented an opportunity for the students to receive constructive feedback and guidance on how to refine their proposals and communicate to prospective investors most effectively. The panel included representatives from KPMG, PWC and the University of Sydney Business School as well as experts in start-ups and social development, and allowed for in-depth discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of each project.

"Our projects use business to create sustainable, measurable and meaningful differences in the lives of people around us," said Daniel Holt, President of the University of Sydney Business School branch of Students in Free Enterprise. "The teams in just 6 weeks have created amazing projects and the Project Pitch forum allowed students to present their early ideas and receive constructive feedback. The teams did a fantastic job in professionally presenting their ideas and truly impressed our judges."

A worldwide organisation, Students in Free Enterprise unites students of all disciplinary backgrounds who share a common determination to make positive change through the power of business. With the aim of combating problems such as educational disadvantage, poverty, environmental concerns and social issues, the University of Sydney projects ranged on a university, national and global scale.

One group of dedicated Business School students, the B.Inspiring team, spoke of their successes, funding and future strategies in targeting low socioeconomic schools to build entrepreneurial talent and foster business networks amongst talented high school kids. Another group consisted of students from an array of disciplines and cultural backgrounds, who spoke passionately about their business plan for empowering children in their hometowns of Africa, central Australia and Columbia through new methods of educating which incorporates a practical focus on fostering entrepreneurial endeavours.

University of Sydney SIFE advisor and Associate Director of Finance at the University of Sydney Business School, Andrew Lee, praised the students for their vision and professionalism. "The evening was a great success," Andrew said, "and we heard some very exciting project ideas that will genuinely benefit communities. The impressively high calibre judging panel gave a lot of valuable input to the students, which I hope will help them to develop their projects further."

The Business School SIFE team will compete in the National Championships in Melbourne early next month to vie for a place in the World Cup, which is to be held in Washington at the end of the year.