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AIESEC's exchange program takes Business School students on global learning adventure

10 Jan 2013

Nearly fifty Business School students will spend their summer break participating in an exchange program that takes them to various developing nations across the world for an unparalleled learning experience.

The international exchange program is run by AIESEC. With more than 60,000 active members in 113 countries, AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organisation helping students to develop professionally, personally and culturally through global leadership and internship programs, conferences and networking opportunities.

Every year, 20,000 students participate in AIESEC's international internship programs and spend at least 6 weeks living and working a foreign country. The University of Sydney's local AIESEC chapter provides University students with a challenging opportunity to volunteer, teach, and intern in developing countries in Asia-Pacific, Central-Eastern Europe and Africa.

The exchange program enables students to contribute the wider community with education programs for soft skills and entrepreneurship in high schools and initiatives for environmental sustainability, small business planning and development and raising HIV/AIDS awareness and community support.

"The internship experience taught me how to continuously adapt to new situations," said Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts student Steven Ly, who participated in last year's exchange program as a volunteer for Touch the World, an educational development project to provide better education in Taiwan's schools. "I feel as though I've matured not only as an individual but also as a global citizen."

Popular destinations for education programs are Cambodia, Czech Republic, Mauritius, Malaysia, Poland and Vietnam. Several students also travel to Uganda to provide HIV/AIDS education and counselling.

Students who have participated in AIESEC's exchange program in the past emphasise the importance of embracing the local culture while in a different country.

"My advice to anyone going on exchange is to go with an open mind," said Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) student Kenneth Lim, whose internship took him to Ukraine training a group of high school students in Kiev on leadership skills. "Do your best to see everything and understand cultural differences because each exchange holds a different life-changing experience."

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