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Alumni, academics and students network at CBD campus

05 Jul 2013

The University of Sydney Business School has hosted a Fun, Fare and Future Alumni event at its new CBD campus on 3 July, 2013. More than 40 alumni, students and academics were on hand to take part in the event, aimed at providing networking and social opportunities for the Business School community.

"The increased diversity at the University of Sydney provides us with wonderful opportunities to interact with people from different cultural and educational backgrounds," said Andrea Van Dommelan, a student at the Business School. "As a PhD student in social psychology, I realize however that the opportunity for contact does not always translate into actual, meaningful interactions: people prefer to befriend those who are similar to themselves."

"The Fun, fare and future alumni reception provided a wonderful opportunity to bridge this gap, by bringing together international and local university members, current and former students," Andrea continued. "I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with inspiring alumni, and to learn from their experiences and insights."

This event was the first of its kind to be hosted by the Sydney Business Alumni Network, which has plans to continue to provide opportunities like this one in the future.

"Events such as the Fun, Fare and Future reception provide an important opportunity to network, share experiences and draw inspiration from the professional and personal achievements of our alumni," said Professor David Grant, Co-Dean of the Business School.

"We hope that it encourages our students to become involved in Business School activities for the remainder of their studies and to stay connected with us after graduation," Professor Grant concluded.