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Business School moves to engage with "critically important" Alumni community

30 Sep 2013

The University of Sydney Business School has launched a Business Alumni Network (BAN) in keeping with its drive to facilitate and strengthen ties between current students, graduates, academics and industry.

Membership of the Business Alumni Network will be granted automatically to all Business School graduates, and will be open on an opt-in basis to all other University of Sydney alumni and friends.

Speaking at the BAN's inaugural Annual General Meeting, the Vice-Chancellor of the University Sydney, Dr Michael Spence, said the alumni community was critical to the University and to the Business School.

"Alumni are enormously important to the life of the University, not only because they are our critical friends, but because they are our advocates in the community," Dr Spence said. "They also have a role to play as we think through strategy and the way forward."

"They are also important as philanthropic support for the University," the Vice-Chancellor added.

About 60 founding members who attended the AGM elected Mr Hugh Harley (BEc '84, LLB '86) as the first President of the new Network.

Mr Harley is Financial Services Leader at PwC Australia and an Honorary Professor at the Business School.

"I believe that universities are ultimately about communities, and the success of a university really does need two way communications between itself and its community - alumni are a way to do that," Mr Harley said. "People can support the University in all sorts of different ways and, of course, the University can also support the alumni. It's a great two way trade."

The BAN initial start-up committee was co-convened by two prominent members of the Business School's alumni community; Mrs Annie Corlett, President of the University of Sydney Alumni Council, and Mr Charles Littrell, Executive General Manager, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.

"The BAN is one of the key initiatives of the Business School and the University of Sydney Alumni Council for 2013," said Mrs Corlett. I am delighted at the response we have had from the Business School community and I am certain that the BAN will provide new ways for alumni to reconnect with the University, the Business School and each other."

BAN members will be invited to attend Business School alumni events, both in Australia and overseas. Additionally, they will receive copies of the Business School alumni magazine, Sydney Business Connect, and the University's Sydney Alumni Magazine (SAM) and e-communications on the latest market intelligence and Business School research.

"Importantly, they will benefit from opportunities to increase their business networks, further develop their capacity to serve as business leaders and discover ways that they can provide ambassadorial support to the Business School," said Co-Dean Professor Tyrone Carlin.

"The Business Alumni Network represents an important step for the Business School in our efforts to leverage the depth and breadth of business talent that the school has fostered and produced over the years," added Co-Dean, Professor David Grant.

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