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B-HERT Collaboration in Education and Training Award recognises ITLS contribution to passenger transport industry

19 Nov 2013

The global impact of a university, industry and government partnership aimed at improving standards in the passenger transport sector has been recognised by B-HERT with a prestigious Collaboration in Education and Training Award.

The partnership, forged 22 years ago, between the University of Sydney Business School's Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), the Bus and Coach Association (BCA) and the NSW government, provides high quality training to passenger transport operations.

More than 3500 industry participants have now completed one of the flagship courses, the Certificate of Transport Management and the Certificate of Coach Management.

The Founding Director of the ITLS, Professor David Hensher, says the unique three way partnership resulted from the State Government's Passenger Transport Act of 1990 which significantly deregulated the sector.

"The BCA together with the government of the day and the ITLS saw a need to ensure that effective self-regulation of the industry could be achieved through better managed bus and coach businesses," Professor Hensher said.

"Our programs, delivered by all three partners, have become important instruments in the self-regulation of the industry and continue to assist operators with current challenges," he said. "These programs have also put Australia on the international map as a contributor to the global development of the bus and coach industry."

B-HERT (the Business/Higher Education Round Table) was established in 1990 to strengthen the relationship between business and industry and the tertiary education sector. Its mission is "to pursue policies and collaboration initiatives that will advance the goals and improve the performance of business and tertiary education". 

"Partnerships between industry and academia such as the one between ITLS, the bus industry and the NSW government highlight the opportunities to build not only greater human capital but to also assist in the delivery of a more efficient and effective transport system with obvious benefits for the travelling public," Professor Hensher said.

"Participants in this partnership have also had a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of each stakeholder group, which enhances communication and effective decision making by stakeholders to the benefit of all parties," he concluded.