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Business School's Industry Placement Program gets a boost from Chinese collaboration

16 Jan 2013

The University of Sydney Business School and China's largest energy conservation enterprise, the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP) have signed a memorandum of understanding that will enhance the Business School's Industry Placement Program.

The Business School Associate Dean, Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas and CECEP Vice-General Manager Jiming Zhu signed the agreement on 5 January 2013 at a meeting organized at the Beijing headquarters of CECEP, hosted by Mr Jin'en Chen, Party Committee Secretary at CECEP, and chaired by CECEP's Human Resources Director Mrs Yan Wang.

"The depth and breadth of business operations at CECEP coupled with its strong sense of corporate social responsibility make the group an ideal partner for the Business School," said Associate Professor Seltsikas. "We are extremely pleased with this collaborative agreement."

CECEP, a state-owned corporation, is investing billions of dollars in clean-energy projects. With over 30,000 employees and 172 subsidiaries, it is China's flagship energy conservation, emission reduction and environment protection industry group and the economic and environmental impact of CECEP's projects is significant.

The cooperation between CECEP and the Business School has begun with CECEP hosting both undergraduate and postgraduate industry work placements as part of the Industry Placement Program. Placement students have been working in different departments at the Beijing headquarters. They will also be given an opportunity to work with various CECEP subsidiaries in the renewable energy industry. Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Commerce placement students attended the kick-off meeting and met with 35 senior managers from CECEP subsidiaries.

"The Industry Placement Program at the Business School provides opportunities for students to engage with the School's industry partners and gain valuable experience in applying their business theory and knowledge to support their operations, clients and projects," added Associate Professor Seltsikas. "Our partnership with CECEP marks a significant development in the expansion of the Industry Placement Program internationally."

The placement program offers students opportunities in Australia, USA, China and Europe. Visit the Industry Placement Program page for more information.