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Deloitte reaffirms its commitment to management education

15 Mar 2013

Global accounting firm, Deloitte has reaffirmed its commitment to its corporate partnership with the University of Sydney Business School's at a recent event held to welcome students from the Master of Management (CEMS) and Master of Management programs.

Deloitte supports the CEMS Master of International Management (MIM) program worldwide and is closely aligned to the Business School's Master of Management (CEMS) program with many of its executives engaged as guest speakers, mentors and program advisors.

This year the Business School further consolidated its engagement with the CEMS network through the appointment of Deloitte senior partner, Stuart Osborne, to the CEMS Corporate Partner Board.

"As our corporate partners, Deloitte play an important role in these programs which provide students with management education that is firmly grounded in practical industry experience," said Dr Kristine Dery, Program Director for the Master of Management and Master of Management (CEMS) programs.

Students were welcomed to the 2013 academic year with drinks at the Deloitte offices in the Sydney CBD. The event gave students an opportunity to mix with senior partners and with alumni who are now employed by Deloitte. Among the speakers were Mr Osborne and David Redhill, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer.

Students also gained some firsthand insights from alumni, Will Edwards on his experiences on the Deloitte Fastrack program, jointly delivered by the University of Sydney Business School and Deloitte.

"The CEMS MIM degree continually ranks among the top three pre-experience management programs in the world and provides a blend of academic excellence and real-world business experience, characterised by its strong connection to industry through various corporate partners," added Dr Dery. "Our partnership with Deloitte and other organisations enable us to deliver a wealth of experiences and opportunities to our students."

The University of Sydney Business School is the only Australian institution accredited to provide the CEMS MIM degree. Each year only 25 students are accepted into the Master of Management (CEMS) program.