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Genesis competition: Australia's future leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship

12 Nov 2013

The developers of adjustable glasses for sight impaired children in the developing world have won the Social and Not-for-Profit section of this year's prestigious Genesis competition for outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hosted by the University of Sydney Business School, Genesis is an annual event which aims to identify start-up enterprises capable of succeeding in a "real-world" environment.

This year's winner in the Not-for-Profit category, Enable Vision, is a social enterprise which is offering "a sustainable solution to sight-impaired children who do not have access to a professional optometrist".

Two enterprises tied for the top spot in the Business and Technology category. One was SweetPi, an e-learning tool that helps struggling high school students learn mathematical principles using interactive animations that simplify challenging concepts.

The other winner in the category was Smarter Hospital, an innovative healthcare solution that increases the effectiveness and the quality of patient care while significantly reducing hospital running costs.

A total of 60 teams competed in the two categories. In the weeks leading up to the final "pitch" team members took part in a series of workshops aimed at helping them to validate and develop their ideas. They were also mentored by some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs.

"All entrants gained enormous value from the workshops and networking opportunities," said Dr Richard Seymour, a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategic Management and a driving force behind the Genesis competition.

"Genesis exists to encourage students to innovate, to become entrepreneurs and to establish their own businesses," Dr Seymour said. "The calibre of this year's entrants has been outstanding."

Dr Seymour concluded by saying that the "level of enthusiasm for the competition amongst young innovators and entrepreneurs was so great this year that Genesis may become a twice a year event."