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Students lunch with Hilti Executive

11 Jul 2013

Business School students from the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Commerce, Master of Marketing and Master of Management programs were granted the opportunity to meet Dr Christoph Loos, Executive Board Member at Hilti. Dr Loos was invited to the exclusive event to present his ideas and insights into how business can succeed in a changing global economy.

More than 20 people attended the function, held in the boardroom of the Business School's purpose-designed CBD campus. Following a brief presentation, Mr Loos took the time to answer questions from the students, including queries relating to how Hilti has remained successful in an increasingly competitive global market.

The answer, Dr Loos suggests, lies in identifying key markets where your business can perform well, and focusing attention there while continuing to drive innovation.

"Our type of company wants to make customers more productive, faster and safer - and that's sometimes is a value that's not yet appreciated in some parts of construction," Dr Loos said. "We tend to be active in the safety-relevant niches, such as high speed rail and nuclear power plants, as opposed to general and residential construction."

"Christoph has been very generous with his time in engaging with students from the Business School," said Associate Professor Nick Wailes, Director of MBA Programs at the Business School. "There's a lot of value for our students in getting to meet and talk to senior executives in such a setting, and the Business School is very proud to be able to offer these opportunities."

Anita Mitchell, recipient of the inaugural "First" MBA Scholarship attended the event. "Lunch with visiting senior executives from global powertool giant Hilti was a fascinating experience for Masters of Management, Masters of Finance and fellow members of my MBA cohort," she said. Read more of Anita's insights from the event at the MBA Blog.

To hear more from Dr Christoph Loos, please view this short video interview.