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Innovative digital book is a global best seller

05 Feb 2014

'Negotiation: Science and Practice', the world's first interactive digital textbook for postgraduate students, which was developed by the University of Sydney Business School's Quintin Rares, has become a global best seller since it was launched in November 2012.

'The application for iPad and Mac computers has ranked in the top 50 iBook downloads in the textbook category in Australia and the United Kingdom and in the top 200 in the United States.

"I am particularly surprised by the its success in the United States where there are a substantial number of e-textbooks for primary, secondary, tertiary and professional study, and students are encouraged to download assigned textbooks," said Mr Rares who is the Business School's study coordinator (postgraduate) in business negotiation.

"At its peak, 'Negotiation: Science and Practice' reached number 37 in the United Kingdom, 69 in Canada, 11 in Australia and, interestingly, number 11 in Poland," Mr Rares said. 

Buyers around the world have also given Mr Rares' popular iBook a five out of five star review rating.

'Negotiation: Science and Practice', includes full lecture notes, cross-references to glossary definitions, abstracts of scientific articles referred to, study summaries, interactive diagrams, a dictionary, mini-exams and exam answer-guides. It also collates all student highlights and notes to a single page to use as a study-guide with hyperlinks to the original content. 

"This textbook represents a paradigm shift in learning and teaching," Mr Rares said. "With lectures covered, contact time can be dedicated to workshops, discussions and role-play negotiations, during which students can practice the skills learned in their readings and can receive personalised feedback on their performance through grades and debriefs."

Mr Rares says that there has been an explosion in the number of digital textbooks globally since the launch of 'Negotiation: Science and Practice'. "This is certainly the way of the future", he said. "It is a model which takes advantage of the latest technology and greatly enhances the value of all important contact time."